Exclude discounted products from voucher code discount

I have installed plugin Voucher generator code. I need to generate codes that are not compatible non only with other codes (just done) but also with other promotions (for ex. sales) on prices.
Is it possible?
Many thanks

Voucher for products without discount

Module "vouchers generator" is a module that generates voucher codes in bulk. 
It does not create any new features related to voucher value and the way of how voucher will behave in cart.

The settings available on module configuration page allows to personalize the settings of coupon that will be generated by module. These options are based on prestashop's voucher settings.

So, with module you can:
- personalize the voucher code that module will generate
- and based on these settings generate codes in bulk

From what i see you want to generate code that will be not compatible with other price reductions.
- PrestaShop versions from v1.0.0 to v1.6.x  does not have this feature - so module also does not have it.
- PrestaShop 1.7.x has this kind of option by default amd it is applicable for percentage discount, and you can define it also during configuartion of the module (screenshot for reference below)

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