Change "manufacturers" to "brands" in PrestaShop


I have issue if you can help me to rename the manufacturer to Brands in brand pages i try many solution you posted & other in presta forums but nothing work see attached screen shot


How to change "manufacturers" to brands ?

you can translate this under preferences > seo & urls, there is a section with list of pages in prestashop, where you can find "manufacturers" position: - just edit it.
- Change page title to "brands" and the result will be a new title of page (visible in browser bar)
- Change rewriten url to "brands" and url of manufacturers will contain "brands" instead "manufacturer"

then go to:
- localization > translations
- select "Front office translations", then select theme that you currently use and at the end target language
- on the next page search for "manufacturers-list" and change "Manufacturer:" to "brands:"

the effect will be:

best regards.
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