Printable PDF file with voucher codes

Hi, we're currently in need of a module for generating vouchers and printing them in promotional flyers to distribute at events, and came across your Prestashop Voucher & Letters Printer module. It's pretty close to what we would need, except for the following 2 details: - we would need to use it in Prestashop 1.6.1, and possibly ThirtyBees later on - we would need to create vouchers not associated to registered cutomers, but instead we would like to select for example "1000 vouchers" and the module would generate the 1000 vouchers and print or generate a PDF with the letters/flyers for all those vouchers If you do bespoke/customized modules, could you please send us a quote in terms of time/money for a module that does the above? Thanks in advance.

Generate & print PDF file with vouchers

Unfortunately the module "Voucher and letters printer" is no longer supported, and we will not update it to make it work with prestashop 1.6 / 1.7.

In your case - in my opinion - the best will be a module "vouchers generator": 
This module allows to generate a defined number of voucher codes (let's say 1000). Each time you will generate a voucher codes in bulk - the module generates a CSV file with list of generated codes and PDF file with list of codes.  Screenshot for reference: 

when you will hit button "download pdf file" - you will download a pdf file that will contain list of generated codes:
You can see it on the video:

it is worth to mention that you can personalize the design of the pdf file (modification of pdf.tpl file delivered with module - pure html code)

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