Hide combinations in 'combinations table' module

Hello, I'm interested in a module "Product page combinations table", before buying it I would like to know if it is possible to exclude some combinations of a product from the table? (I would like some combinations to show up normally and others in the same product to work with the module).

How to hide combinations?

Currently it can be done with css styles only.
Each combination in prestashop has own unique ID number,
Each line in combinatios table module has own unique ID that can be used to hide the line.

let's say that you have a combination with id 34: 

if you want to hide it, you can use a css code:
#ctrcombid34 { display:none!important; }
and if you have a combination that has ID 61 - you can use css code like:
#ctrcombid61 { display:none!important; }

and so on ...

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