LeoTheme product list modules problem - how to solve?

The module to show product thumbs on list of products doesn't work in my web,it's not showing the products list pics, I have tried with all difrrent configuration and it doesn't work. I have movic theme , It seems the module dosn't work with that theme. 

module to show items uses default prestashop's position. In prestashop 1.7 the position name is displayProductListReviews. Optionally module can be used with frequently used non-default theme named "displayProductDeliveryTime". When you configure the module please firstly use displayProductListReviews position (you can do it on module configuration page). Turn on option - to show all product pictures as well (this only for test purposes, you will be able to switch this option to other once the module will start to appear)

Then - if module does not appear on list of products in your shop:
  1. go to advanced parameters > performance and hit button to "clear shop cache".
  2. if you use any kind of "caching" module - clear the cache in this module as well
  3. if you use "litespeedcache" feature, clear cache in this feature as well (you can do it directly from prestashop's back office - this module creates special menu in shop).

If module still does not appear:
  1. this means that your theme uses a configuration tool where you can enable / disable some features.
  2. take a look on this: https://www.leotheme.com/guides/prestashop17/leo_feature/ - please focus on point 2. Product Review
  3. With this tool you can activate / deactivate hook "displayProductListReviews" - you can do it with enabling this option: https://i.imgur.com/14pyhoM.png
  4. just enable this option to activate the hook displyProductListReviews. So module will start to appear on list of products.

If module still does not appear:
  1. your theme is a theme from "leotheme" this means that it uses feature named apPageBuilder: https://www.leotheme.com/guides/prestashop17/ap_page_builder/
  2. apPageBuilder allows to configure the design of list of products, where you can enable / disable visibility of hooks
  3. please open the documentation: https://www.leotheme.com/guides/prestashop17/ap_page_builder/ and go to section III. Ap Products List
  4. edit a profile that is active (this is the layout of list of products your shop uses)
  5. You can use there tool to manage the layout of list of products
    1. use <tpl code> tool, type there code {hook h='displayProductListReviews' product=$product}
    2. drag and drop the <tpl code> tool to the left hand side "Layout" box - exactly as i show on the image:
    3. save changes

One from described solutions should work in your theme.
THere is no issue in the module, but there is a configuration problem of your theme that disables some features. If you will activate them as i described above - the problem will be solved.
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