Facebook shop - automatically upload all products from prestashop

Hi, does your facebook shop module automatically uploads all products to Facebook, or do we need to do one by one? Thanks

It depends on what you exactly mean by "uploads all products to facebook". You mean products' catalog in native facebook's "shop" feature?
Or maybe you reffer to "shop" tab that module creates on fanpage?

  1. this is app that module "facebook shop" creates: https://i.imgur.com/nqAS1W8.png
    • module imports all products there automatically. 
    • module updates all products automatically (for example you changed product name / image / price etc. - this change will be visible immediately on facebook)
    • module will add / remove products automatically (if you will add some new products to shop)
  2. this is native facebook's "shop" feature: https://i.imgur.com/ChsnDwi.png
    • module does not import ANY product here

if you are looking for second solution, you can use this module: export products to facebook shop.
Thanks to this module you can quickly import all products from your shop to facebook's native "shop" tab. You can also use this module to update products in this "shop" section too.

instructions related to import procedure:
  1. Configuration of the url
    • open configuration page of the module (catalog > facebook pixel feed)
    • configure the form (use settings that will meet your requirements)
    • after configuration copy url: https://i.imgur.com/yOCtjGE.png - this is an url to your products' feed that is available on-line and facebook will have possibility to connect to this url and import products to your ads account. Copy it and save in some .txt file (it will be required in next steps)
  2. configuration of facebook products catalog

Facebook will import products to your shop's fanpage "shop" section.

if there will be anything that i can explain or help with just let me know

best regards
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