Related products in add to cart confirmation window in PrestaShop

Hi Milos
I would like to ask if you plan to update your module related product pro to show related products also in pop up window when you add product to chart - like in image in attachment. (one is from my site when it missing and one is example what i found in other sotre.)i am fan of your module since i bought that but lot of my customers told me in survey that if there will be shown related product immediately in pop up when you add product in chart they will buy it. thank you very much for answer

PS: if you will update it i will buy this extension for sure :)

The main problem with products in "add to cart" confirmation window is fact that prestashop does not allow to show there modules (there is no hook where it is possible to attach a module).
The products that appear inside "add to cart" confirmation window is a predefined feature in theme and in "blockcart" module - and by default this feature can't be replaced with other module.

If you are on prestashop 1.6 you can go to "blockcart" module configuration page - you can enable there "crossselling" feature: - this feature displays products that were purchased with product add ed to cart. Then you will see products exactly as you show on attached screenshot.

If you want to replace these products - with products from module "related products pro" - its not possible without modifications of "blockcart" module.
you will need to modify /modules/blockcart/crossselling.tpl (or if exists: themes/your-theme/modules/blockcart/crossselling.tpl).

it should be enough to replace contents of this file with 
{hook h='displayPpbModule'}

And thanks to this - products that appear by default in "add to cart" confirmation window will be replaced with products from module.

best regards

Related products in add to cart confirmation window in PrestaShop Related products in add to cart confirmation window in PrestaShop Reviewed by VEKIA on Wednesday, May 06, 2020 Rating: 5

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