Product list quantity discount module on product page

is it possible to put the table in the same position of the original one? I would like it not to be in the additionalinfo hook, I would like it to be in the same place than the original one, over the price.

Under certain circumstances - yes, it is possible.
It's because of features that are included to the module - not all of them can be placed there.

By default, in prestashop the position you mentioned is inside an "add to cart" <form>
Because of this it is not possible to insert there modules that contain own <form> because this will genreate problems with prestashop's product page "add to cart" button.

So, if you:
  • activated option to display "add to cart" (on module configuration page:) - it will be not possible to show module there, because it will generate a conflict with standard <form> with add to cart button
  • if you do not activated this feature - it will be possible to move module there.

so, if you do not use "add to cart" feature  from module, open the file :
themes/your-theme/templates/catalog/partials/product-discounts.tpl and at the end paste the shortcode to run the module {module::getInstanceByName('plqd')->generatePlqdOnProductPage(false) nofilter}
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