Facebook pixel and missing product ID in my catalog?

Hello I buy tabs module and pixel for facebook everything works fine I like your dedication. Congratulations.
But the pixel I get an error (see img attached) is not working not find ID I searched in all presta shop product page this ID I don’t understand please help me.
From what i see the problem from your screenshot is related to "products catalog", not to events tracking. Right?
Firstly I need to clarify basics related to "Facebook Pixel" and "Products Catalog" things.
Facebook PixelProducts catalog
What is a Facebook pixel? A Facebook pixel is an analytics tool that consist of a code that you can put on your website. The pixel fires to track site visitors. This data allows you to retarget those users with Facebook ads in the future, as well as see what they're doing on your site when they return.A Facebook "products catalog" is a container that holds informations about your inventory in "facebook ads" account. This container should contain all products from your online shop. Facebook "products catalog" is required if you want to create dynamic ads.
Dynamic ads pull items from your "products catalog" and show them to people who've already looked at or searched for your items online. Dynamic ads match items from your catalog with signals (events) from a pixel installed on your website.

So, what's the problem now?

Facebook pixel module is a module that tracks events in your shop and deliver them to facebook.  It does not create nor export products to your facebook ads "products catalog".
If you run "facebook pixel module" that you purchased in "DPA" mode: 

you need to create "products catalog" in your facebook ads account. You can find details about creating "products catalog" here: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/1275400645914358

If you want to automate the process related to "products catalog" creation process (and its future updates) you can use module: https://mypresta.eu/modules/social-networks/export-catalog-for-facebook-pixel-dynamic-ads.html, but you do not have to (you can still create products catalog manually). Once you will create facebook products catalog the problem you mentioned should be solved.

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