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Hello Mypresta, I bought your module to create list of products on homepage My question is how to add for example to image in product page. Put shortcode to my tamplate? It not duplicate? Two positions. Because for this time I see new position Details in product page. How to please add this small pictures to image. Thank you

welcome after weekend.
Module "homepage products pro" to build list of products uses prestashop's theme files.
This means that module should create exactly the same list of products that you've got in your shop on pages where you've got lists of products like category pages, search result page etc.
I checked your shop's category pages. There is no icon as well. So module behaves exactly the same.

So, now, if you want to show icon also on lists of products, it will be necessary:
  1. go to design > positions (in prestashop 1.7) or to modules > positions (in prestashop 1.6) and assign "icons" module you use to positions named:
    - displayProductListReviews (in prestashop 1.7)
    - displayProductDeliveryTime (in prestashop 1.6 and if exists also in prestashop 1.7)
  2. verify, if your theme uses some kind of theme configurator tool where you can manage the "lists of products".
    If it uses such tool (like apPageBuilder, or even simple theme configurator):
    • it will be necessary to activate displayProductListReviews or displayProductDeliveryTime position in these configuration tools
  3. if your theme does not have such tool - it will be necessary to check your theme product-list.tpl (prestashop 1.6) or product.tpl miniature (in prestashop 1.7) if it follows prestashop standards regarding hooks usage.

If you want, i can provide inspection in your shop's back office and make it work as you wish.

best regards,

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