Product url without "html" in prestashop

Hi, I'm looking at your module for pretty url's without id's. I want to use it in our new 1.7.5 shop (soon 1.7.6?) 2 questions, 1: is it in future risky to update prestashop, so that this module be affected? 2. is it possible to also remove the .html on the end of the url? we don't have it now in our 1.6 shop but in your shop it show's like this:

friendly urls clean pretty clear prestashop without id

  1. We continuously update the module to make it work with new releases of prestashop.
    If required - we release an upgrade of the module BEFORE the prestashop oficially releases the new version of cms. We do this when prestashop releases BETA version.
    Thanks to this we guarantee compability with new releases of shop.

    Each time that you update the shop it might be required to reinstall the module and re-enable overrides:
    this is the only one disadvantage, but to be honest: all the modules that removes the ID from urls works the same, so you will have the same disadvantages with other plugins.
  2. For product pages - yes, the .html part can be removed.
    demo for prestashop 1.7:
    The only one thing that you need to do is a configuration of "schema of urls" (see docs: )
    By default module changes the "product" schema to {category:/}{rewrite}.html, you can alter it to version without "html" like: {category:/}{rewrite} or just {rewrite}
    It will work as you wish then

if there is anything else that i can help with just let me know

best regards.
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